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"have you heard a good book today?"
Classic Children’s Storybooks with matching word-for-word CD and dvd Videos

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A place of wonder and imagination!

"Have you heard a good book today?"


Classic Children’s Storybooks with matching word-for-word CD and dvd Videos

Re-Released "TALKING STORIES" are exactly as they were originally produced in 1975!



Would you like your child to have their very own "TALKING STORIES"?

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Set = Seven ( 7 ) Full Color Storybooks with matching word-for-word CD and dvd Videos

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CD ( page turn signals for the non-reader. At the signal the child turns the page and follows along ).
Note: Downloadable to any Portable Device i.e. MP3, IPOD, etc.
dvd Slideshow videos that children will enjoy time and time again.


Children's Classic Fairy Tale "TALKING STORIES" : Magic, Myth and Morals

peter rabbitThe original "TALKING STORIES" ( Books and matching recordings ) were first introduced in 1975. Millions of children, readers and non-readers, from pre-schoolers on, were thrilled by the beloved time tested Classical children’s fairy tales, such as Froggy went a ‘Courtin, The Three Little Pigs, Chicken Little, The Three Bears, Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Red Hen and Peter Rabbit!

They were thrilled as the story characters came alive with each colorfully illustrated book and word-for-word matching recording. Each story was dramatized by exciting voices and stimulating sound effects, plus toe-tapping original songs and music ( page turn signals for the non-reader ). This interactive combination enchanted children for many happy hours again and again, helping expand their imaginations!

magic media "TALKING STORIES" were first offered as books and matching 7" 33-1/3 records, and then audio cassettes ( the available format of the day ). Now the most popular titles of it’s library of Classical children’s fairy tales have been re-mastered and digitized in todays latest digital formats!

little red riding hoodmagic media TALKING STORIES" have been rewritten to capture the moral of these Classic Fairy Tales .....about good and evil and good always comes out the winner. A little girl’s grandmother is NOT eaten by a wild animal ( Little Red Riding Hood ) Little Red Riding Hood teaches to not talk to strangers, Cinderella teaches anyone can be a princess"…etc.) Classic Fairy Tale Children's magic media "TALKING STORIES" are imaginative and magical. They provide a window to another world.

magic media Slideshow dvd Videos are not the traditional motion picture Videos, but rather simple children's storybooks in a Slideshow Video format. Full color pictures, text, word-for-word narration and original song's and music, complete with page turn signals for the non-reader, match the beautifully illustrated books. This interactive combination fosters imagination, at the same time teaching new concepts and words. This develops language skills and a love for reading and exploring.

There is nothing like a timeless fairy tale to take us to a place of wonder and imagination. In a day where reality is sometimes harsh, children's fairy tales beckon us to a time of innocence and invite us to a haven of escape.

"have you heard a good book today?"

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